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What is the origin of the tuxedo?
The name is taken from Tuxedo Park, a tiny enclave in upstate New York that was originally built by tobacco mogul Pierre Lorillard as a “summer cottage” weekend colony for himself and his wealthy friends. On an October evening in 1880 at the Tuxedo Park autumn ball, Griswold, the youngest son of Pierre, decided to play a little sartorial prank on the club elders by lampooning the “English-style” abbreviated formal jackets that they wore to Delmonico’s in town. The young “Grizzy,” along with a group of other aldermen’s sons, took his formal tailcoat and lopped off the tails. Grizzy and his friends waltzed into the ballroom to the astonishment of everyone present. The sartorial prank made the social columns of the local newspaper and hence, the tuxedo became a fashion legend.
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