Stack of cable-knit sweaters in green, blue, red & navy


Pick out a gift you love and let the recipient choose their size and color—or exchange it for a different gift of their choiceSHOP ALL GIFTS
Black Ricky bag viewed on tablet computer1YOU PICK THE GIFTSimply choose GiftNow™ on the product page, and the recipient will be notified of your gift via email
Mouse pointer selects green Ricky bag on tablet computer2THEY PICK THE SIZE & COLORAfter they’re notified, the recipient can choose the size and color of their gift, or select a new gift
Pink Ricky bag with blue Ralph Lauren gift box3THEY LOVE IT…and our signature gift packaging is the perfect finishing touch
Black tie with white shield pattern & plaid bow tieGIFTS FOR HIM
Women's knit hats, sweater, Polo shirt & glovesGIFTS FOR HER
Navy quilted jacket layered over Fair Isle sweater & plaid shirtGIFTS FOR BOYS
Cable-knit peplum cardigans in green, purple, red, yellow & blackGIFTS FOR GIRLS
What are the benefits of e-gifting?It’s a great option for gifting when you don’t know the recipient’s address, size, or favorite color. The recipient can easily adjust the size, color, or style of the gift without the sender knowing.
How does the recipient receive an e-gift?The recipient receives an email notifying them of your gift. They are then directed to, where they can customize and accept your gift, or easily exchange it, all before it ships to them.
When does the recipient receive the e-gift?The recipient receives an email shortly after your purchase or on a future date you’ve selected. Their gift ships to them after they accept it and fill in their shipping address.
*Any Ralph Lauren product under $1785 can be sent as an e-gift