Black-and-white photo of a man on a boogie board in the ocean

Summer on the East End

Exclusive photos
capturing the laid-back magic of Montauk

For more than four decades, Montauk, New York, has been Ralph and Ricky Lauren’s summertime home away from home. Over the years, they’ve enjoyed countless sunny days on the beach, had family dinners at beloved East Hampton spot Sam’s Bar and Restaurant and gone for rides in Mr. Lauren’s iconic white Jeep with their children, Andrew, David and Dylan. The easygoing fishing town is part of the Lauren family story, and it’s a key inspiration for the Ralph Lauren sensibility.

We’re pleased to continue the connection to Long Island’s East End with these photos by Scott Rudin. There’s no substitute for a sunny summer day on the beach in Montauk and the surrounding area, but Rudin’s spectacular photos—all shot on film—come close.

  • Even on a small day, Ditch Plains proves to be a good time for friends and family. Here are two of my best friends sharing a modest peeler together.
  • Nothing is more fun than sitting in the shore break—a childhood pastime that never gets old—shooting photos of crashing waves
  • Classic Ditch Plains
  • The beauty and rusticity of a timeless destination, whether on a main street or a back road
  • The combination of surf and Americana is what makes this stretch of coastline so special
  • buddy of mine hanging 10 over a hidden sandbar along The Stretch
  • Endless nature
  • Two summer musts: covering up and hiding from the crowds
  • Always in the sea, whether buried in a book or in the ocean
  • While the summer crowds bring high energy to this beautiful destination, there’s always a place to escape
  • Montauk has always been a town embedded with surf culture. Here’s an old snapshot inside a friend’s shaping room.
  • The two fastest things on the beach: an old Defender and a black Lab.
  • Montauk is a town built upon the bounty of the sea; evidence of an old fishing and whaling village still remains.
  • The rolling dunes, wide beaches and timeless setting are what keep generations of beachgoers coming back to this special place year after year. 
  • Hang 20!