a well-dressed bear dressed his favorite little tree with exquisite care…

It didn’t take much, just some lights and a bow, beautiful things that would make his tree glow

Plus socks to keep warm, a hat for his head, and a few fluffy pillows for his little bear bed
Animation of Polo Bear flipping through book & reaching for hat
Models in sweater with tuxedo jacket–and-denim-clad Polo Bear
Introducing the Tuxedo Bear New for Holiday 2017—with a look inspired by Ralph Lauren’s own rule-breaking approach to eveningwear
And Polo shirts, boots, and sweaters galore. But our well-dressed bear knew there was something more…
Animation of Polo Bear wrapping gifts
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He had all kinds of gifts around his favorite tree, but the greatest gift of all was his bear family
Animation of Polo Bear wrapping gifts
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Table setting with bright red plaid motif
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