Men in rugbys in different colors, layered over tees & hoodies

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Enduring elements of Ralph Lauren style

Woven Shirts

Crafted with care and tailored to perfection in every fit, finish, and fabrication you need
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The Oxford Shirt

A menswear cornerstone, originally invented for the polo fields of the 19th century and a Polo style standard since 1972. Our oxford cloth is tailored with single-needle stitching and finished with a one-of-a-kind garment wash. It has a perfect broken-in feel right from the start—and only gets better with time and wear

Rugbys & Tees

Polo’s casual classics, designed with vintage inspirations for daily wear
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The Rugby Shirt

Heritage crafted with every authentic detail: a concealed herringbone placket, rubber buttons, heavy ribbed cuffs, and reinforced seams for rough-and-tumble wear. Its enduring place in Polo history proves there is no wrong way to wear one—at home or on the field, over a hoodie or under a blazer, athletic or oversize


Easygoing layers in ultrasoft fabrics and every kind of style
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The Cabin Fleece

Super soft, super comfortable, and—true to Polo heritage—available in every color you could want
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The perfect Ralph Lauren layer—no matter the time, place, or season
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The Polo Bear Sweater

A longtime favorite, in new outfits each season
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More Timeless Style

Women in Polo Bear sweater; woman in cable Polo; women in striped tee

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