Horse saddle & distressed denim
Man in chambray shirt, tweed jacket & jeans on horse farm. Man in sport coat with hand in back pocket of jeans.


Working with the world’s best denim suppliers, Ralph Lauren incorporates innovative techniques and custom washes to create durable, high-quality styles

Woman leaning on man's lap wearing denim jacket & holding cowboy hat
Man in suit vest, dress shirt & denim jacket with contrast collar
Man in denim leaning against blue pickup truck

“A good patina shows you’ve lived. That’s how I like my jeans. Worn a bit. Weathered. But still true blue.”

Man in chambray shirt, leather belt & jeans in horse stables
Man by water in tan peacoat layered over denim jacket & jeans


Great denim wears with you—your shape, your personality, your style

Photograph of man and woman from chest down wearing denim
Man in jeans with faded Polo graphics & pinstripe blazer
Man in denim jacket with American flag on the sleeve

“I remember the first pair I bought on my own. Every time I put them on, I felt like I was becoming somebody I wanted to be.”

Man in ripped, repaired & patched jeans
Man in denim jacket, jeans, dress shirt & plaid tie. Man in dress shirt, denim jacket & tie.


Built on traditions of the American West, Ralph Lauren’s vision for denim is about creating timeless styles for generations to come

Man in peacoat & plaid-trim white cable sweater
Man in peacoat & plaid-trim white cable sweater

“Every rip, every tear, every scar tells a story. When I wear them, it’s like reuniting with an old friend.”

Man in peacoat & plaid-trim white cable sweater
Black & white photo of man with horse in stable


Ralph Lauren supports responsible cotton production through the Better Cotton Initiative. We are committed to eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals, achieving 100% sustainably sourced cotton, and reducing water use by 20% across our denim operations and value chain by 2025.

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