Man in crisp black suit leans against wall

The Gregory Suit

We’ve redesigned and reintroduced the Anthony suit as the Gregory, combining lightweight full canvasing and a modern silhouette with Purple Label’s unparalleled quality and even greater handcraftsmanship

Photographs of various details of the Gregory suit.

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An interior zip pocket; a waistband grip to keep dress shirts tucked in; and innovative fabrics that offer natural stretch, water resistance, and fewer wrinkles

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Photographs of various details of the Gregory suit.

The Shoulder

A softer take on a strong shoulder, with a lighter construction and a classic English roll

The Lapel

A narrower profile slims the suit’s proportions, balancing timeless elegance and modern style

The Canvassing

A durable, lightweight four-layer blend of horsehair, wool, and cotton provides an elegant structure

The Construction

With an even higher degree of handcraftsmanship, it takes up to 25 hours of precision tailoring to complete one suit


Folded dress shirts in light blue, violet & white

The Ultimate Dress Shirt

Made in Italy with traditional hand-stitching, exclusive double-mercerized fabrics, and more