Collage of photos of models in brightly colored Polo shirts.

The Polo Shirt

Our signature icon, in a fit, style, and color for everyone
Man in pink Polo with stack of brightly colored Polo shirts around shoulders.


Stitches are required on each Polo shirt to craft our signature Pony emblem
Men holding Polo equipment wear Polo shirts and tweed blazers.
Women wear Polo shirts and chinos.

Sailing Orange

An eye-catching hue for our women’s Classic Fit Mesh Polo shirt
Models wear Polo shirts and baseball caps.

Styling Details

Flip the collar, leave it unbuttoned or button it, and accessorize your way
Horse under cherry tree next to hanging row of Polo shirts in many colors.

Polo Shirt Colors

With 32 colors to choose from, there is a shade for everyone

The Made-to-Order Polo

Designed for you with custom combinations and knit on demand using flat-knit technology

The Polo Shirt