Coffee @ Ralph’s: Elettra Wiedemann

A caffeine-fueled chat with our favorite fashion model turned foodie

Of all the world’s models turned food gurus who are descended from Hollywood royalty and also happen to have a master’s in biomedicine from the London School of Economics, Elettra Wiedemann is hands down our favorite.

Smart, stylish, and fun, Wiedemann also happens to be an accomplished cook, which she has put on display in her Vogue video series, Elettra’s Goodness, as executive food editor for Refinery 29, and, now, with her newly relaunched culinary destination, Impatient Foodie. Informed by a healthy mix of aspiration and let’s-get-real attitude, the site is all about combining “slow food ideals in a fast-paced urban life,” as Wiedemann puts it, and is chock-full of tips, profiles, and recipes, including Easy Rossellini Spaghetti, which was “designed with a hatred of doing dishes in mind.” We like it already.

With the holiday season upon us, we sat down with Wiedemann for a cup of a Ralph’s coffee and a conversation about stress-free entertaining, career second acts, and the curious appeal of going a full week without talking.