Coffee @ Ralph’s: Laura Brown

The Quickest Wit In Women’s Fashion On Great Coffee, Athleisure, And The Appeal Of “Duding Out”
Ask Laura Brown what a woman should have in her wardrobe right now, and she’ll happily oblige (for the record: a good stacked heel, a high-waisted trouser jean, a number of oxford shirts, white T-shirts “because they go with everything,” and a beautiful, long floaty dress “that makes you feel gorgeous”). But the former executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar and current editor in chief of In Style (a position she landed after our interview) does more than simply translate the trends into digestible, social media–sized nuggets (though her Instagram feed has plenty of those). One week she may be dreaming up ways to pair Rihanna with a shark for a cover shoot, and another she may be shooting an episode of In and Out of Fashion With Laura Brown, on the M2M network—all the while keeping everyone within earshot entertained with her razor-sharp (and nonstop) wit. We invited the Australia native—and proud farmer’s daughter—to stop by Ralph’s Coffee for a lively Q&A on fashion, career, and how she takes her coffee (with whole milk, naturally).
  • All photographs by Weston Wells