Coffee @ Ralph’s: Levi Miller

In our latest video, the breakout star of Pan dishes on life on set, his turn as a Ralph Lauren model and his idea of the best…day…ever
With a single big break, Australia native Levi Miller went from just another kid looking to get his foot in the door to the breakout star of a major Hollywood production: Warner Bros.’ lavish reboot of the Peter Pan story, which hits theaters this October. In reality, Miller is far from just another kid. Over coffee…make that coffee ice cream—after all, he's not even a teenager—we found the 11-year-old superstar-in-the-making to be beyond his years in eloquence, thoughtfulness and poise. But that wasn’t enough to keep his boyish enthusiasm from peeking through from time to time. Especially when the topics of stunts, skydiving and—seriously—dinner with Oprah came up. Watch the full interview above, and then head over to the Children’s section of to see our latest Children’s Fashion Show and shop the fall collection—with Miller himself in yet another successful starring role.
I like the stunts, but they also were quite difficult….sometimes you don’t always fly!