Collage of photographs of models from the 50th Anniversary Show.
RL50 Years

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“My 50th Anniversary Collection is inspired by the timeless heroine who thrives on originality, creating her own personal style through an eclectic combination of influences, from a romantic kind of vintage to a bold, modern sophistication. In celebration of 50 years, I celebrate a woman’s freedom of expression, her strength and individuality.”

Ralph Lauren Signature

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Closeup of jeweled cuff of a jacket.
Large handbag with a mix of patchwork designs.

The Patchwork Shoulder Bag

The season’s artisanal patchwork is done by hand, and is unique to each handbag

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Sketch of looks from the 50th Anniversary Collection.
High-heeled leather bootie with a crystal gecko at the side.

The Reanna Boot

Featuring a signature embellished gecko made from Austrian crystal

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Woman wears outfit from the 50th Anniversary Collection

exploring the unparalleled artisanship of ralph lauren’s 50th anniversary collection