Video of surfers in Polo attire driving to beach to surf

The Summer 2019 Collection

Ralph Lauren’s newest collection channels the laid-back spirit of beaches from Montauk to Malibu, with a sun-faded palette, easy silhouettes, and classic ’90s-inspired graphics

Black-and-white photo of couple hugging.
Three surfers in Polo attire hold surfboards on beach.
Woman wears white button-down shirt.
Close-up of models holding hands in Polo attire.
Polo model Patrick wears color-blocked Polo popover

Meet Patrick

Pro surfer and Polo model

Polo model Patrick in light-pink hoodie with Polo at the chest.

You live in Montauk.

What’s your favorite local break?

“There’s definitely a few that I shouldn’t name, but Ditch Plains is always fun. Crowded ... but fun.”

Polo model Patrick in color-blocked Polo hoodie carrying surfboard.

Why surfing?

“The adventure. Like when there’s a big storm somewhere and you’re really hunting to score that perfect wave—it’s a mission.”

East Coast or West Coast?

“East Coast. All day long.”

Signature Sportswear

Laid-back basics with a large-scale, ’90s-inspired logo from early Polo Sport