Spools of thread, measuring tape & fashion sketches

Made to Measure

Hand-measured, -crafted, and -tailored to your personal specifications. Our customizable Made to Measure offerings allow you to bring your own personal style and fit to Ralph Lauren’s timeless aesthetic, exclusively at select Ralph Lauren stores.
Man getting measured by tailor for a custom jacket

The Ultimate Luxury

An unparalleled fit. Exceptional handcraftsmanship. Personalization down to the finest details. Customized versions of Purple Label’s elegant offerings, from suiting to furnishings and more, allow you to create a truly luxurious wardrobe, crafted exclusively for you.

Custom Suiting

Custom-tailoring to fit your unique profile. Choose from the world’s finest fabrics to create a truly luxurious garment with an unparalleled fit and exceptionally high degree of sartorial handcraftsmanship.

Elegant Formalwear

Select from an array of custom-woven formal suiting fabrics, perfectly proportioned collar styles, and luxurious finishing touches to create the ultimate formal statement.

Formal jackets hanging in closet
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Watch with square face & black alligator strap

Jewelry & Accessories

Engraved jewelry and customized accessories are the ultimate finishing touch.

Man in black double-breasted peacoat

Tailored Outerwear

Tailored topcoats, exotic leathers, and more styles to customize and craft to your ideal fit and functionality.

Formal jackets hanging in closet
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White shirt with tonal monogram being stitched onto it, White shirt with pleated bib front & neckties

Fine Shirting

Crafted in Italy for the perfect fit and proportion. Each shirt undergoes 50 individual steps, using both traditional handcraftsmanship and the latest high-precision technologies.

Leather & suede loafers in different styles

Benchmade Shoes

Exceptional leather dress shoes, personalized formal slippers, and more crafted from the finest materials with traditional cordwainer methods.