How do I know if a Ralph Lauren product I’ve purchased is a counterfeit?

A counterfeit product is a fake or imitation made with the goal of tricking you into believing it is genuine. Counterfeit Ralph Lauren products are typically of poor quality and lack the details that make each Ralph Lauren product high quality.


How is Ralph Lauren addressing the issue of counterfeit luxury goods?

In order to maintain the reputation of our brand, we take every legal measure possible to stop counterfeiters, and the shops, websites, vendors, and flea markets that sell fake Ralph Lauren products. Ralph Lauren works with local and state enforcement in addition to US and foreign customs officials to try to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods.


What are the consequences of purchasing counterfeit merchandise?

The purchase of counterfeit merchandise supports its production, which eliminates tens of thousands of jobs held with legitimate businesses, jeopardizes fair wages and workplace safety, and negatively affects economic growth. In addition, counterfeit items may pose a health and safety risk to the consumer. The sale of counterfeit products has been linked to organized crime, drug trafficking, and support of terrorist organizations.


Where can I buy authentic Ralph Lauren merchandise?

Authentic Ralph Lauren merchandise can be purchased directly from a Ralph Lauren store, Ralph Lauren Factory store,, or approved retail stores, department stores, distributors, and websites. Ralph Lauren does not sell merchandise through other sources such as individuals, internet auctions, and flea markets. Merchandise presented by these sources as Ralph Lauren is likely to be counterfeit or stolen property.

Contact our Customer Assistance department at or by phone at 888-475-7674 should you have any questions about authorized stores, distributors or websites.


Where can I report counterfeit Ralph Lauren merchandise?

If you have information about counterfeit Ralph Lauren merchandise, please contact us via email at or by phone at 888-475-7674.